We're Your Digital Innovation Accelerator

In today's fast-paced business world, executives and entrepreneurs can't afford to wait months for answers. You need immediate, actionable insights to stay competitive in the digital landscape. That's where Practical Jobs-to-be-Done Digital comes in.

Our Audience

Practical Jobs-to-be-Done is focused on small to midsize enterprises, startups, and forward-thinking executives within larger organizations. We understand that traditional consulting firms can be cost-prohibitive, and lengthy projects don't align with the need for rapid decision-making. We also know that guessing never works.

Immediate Answers, Actionable Insights

Imagine being able to ask a question about your industry, customers, or optimizing your customer journey and receiving an immediate, data-driven answer. While that day is on the horizon, Practical Jobs-to-be-Done offers you the next best thing – digital tools that turbocharge your innovation process, allowing you to outpace your competition.

Benefits of Practical Jobs-to-be-Done Digital

Our do-it-yourself enablers and action plans will transform innovation into a utility within your organization. You can stop worrying about the process and focus on implementing solutions that add new value to your market. Here's what you can expect:

  • Speed: Accelerate your innovation process, getting ahead of the competition.
  • Predictability: Make decisions based on statistically valid data, reducing uncertainty.
  • Utility: Turn innovation into a seamless part of your organization's DNA.
  • Value-Centric: Implement solutions that create genuine value in your market.

Explore Our Offerings

Qualitative Research Factory

6 Weeks + $100,000 


2 Days + < $4,000

My breakthrough AI prompting capability allows me to quickly develop a complete Jobs to be Done semantic model of your specific customers and market - replacing laborious and expensive qualitative research processes based on old-school thinking that's trying to support old-school business models. 

"It's like an Innovation Center-of-Excellence on autopilot"

Expect your innovation consulting partner to eat their own dog food 🐕‍🦺 and deliver services betterfaster and more cheaply... like I did. 

Industry Points of View

Gain valuable insights into the value gaps in your industry, and how to exploit them

Customer Journey 2.0 Toolkit

Elevate your customer journey optimization to the next level. No one else is doing it like this!

JTBD Master Chat 🆕

Get started with the fundamentals of Jobs-to-be-Done and the AI enablers to accelerate them.

Automated Capability Maturity Model Development

Assess and enhance your organization's capabilities effortlessly.

JTBD AI Masterclass

Why use AI to synthesize JTBD interview transcripts when you can simply generate the end result - perfectly - without any interviews at all?

JTBD Cheat Sheets

My JTBD Cheat Sheets have been used by thousands of practitioners over the years. Now they are all in one place, and they come with a special offer as well