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Practical Solutions for Product Teams, Service Designers, and Marketers Using Applied Jobs Theory

In today's rapidly evolving market, understanding and fulfilling customer needs is crucial for sustained growth and competitive advantage. Companies looking to drive predictable and practical innovation and enhance their offerings can benefit immensely from properly applied Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) innovation and growth strategy consulting, or do-it-yourself automated services.

Our proven approach focuses on identifying the underlying jobs customers are trying to accomplish and developing a value model that depicts - in detail - how the market of potential customers prioritizes success.  Knowing this allows businesses to tailor their products, services, and business models more precisely to meet these needs in a highly differentiated way. 

You will get actionable and asymmetrical insights from scores of market-prioritized customer success measures ... not dozens of sticky notes with ideas that almost always lead nowhere.

By leveraging JTBD insights, companies can uncover unmet needs, prioritize development efforts, and create solutions that resonate more deeply with their target audience ..

  • more quickly
  • more accurately
  • far less expensively

... and do it at scale!

Making your customers successful at their Jobs-to- not only boosts customer satisfaction but also drives loyalty and long-term profitability, ensuring that your company remains relevant and ahead of the competition - continuously.

The Consulting Difference











4-6 weeks

4-6 months    

2 weeks

Research Volume

2 X +

1 X

Incomplete study

Ability to Adapt

Requires expensive redo

Modern Toolset

Methodology Lifecycle

Continuous Improvement



Consistent Modeling


Ability to Scale

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What We Offer

Digital Accelerators will put a stop to your wondering why no one really teaches you how to do Jobs-to-be-Done. Wonder no more, I provide you with the tools you need to beat the incumbents at their own game.

My JTBD Coaching guides FEI and Product industry professions, as well as consulting firms, on applying the Jobs-to-be-Done framework using a structured approach based on PDCA. No more analysis paralysis.

Innovation consulting (DIFY or DIWY) will help you achieve your desired innovation outcomes while maximizing knowledge transfer and leveraging emergent accelerators. Faster, More Accurately, Less Expensively.

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